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Piping and Royal Icing Skills

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Saturday 17th November 2018
9am to 4pm

In this lovely one day class you will use Royal Icing to learn how to design, cut and use your own stencil and you will also learn the beautiful art of brush embroidery plus beading and writing. 

The skills learnt on this class can be adapted for hundreds of designs and themes and the medium can be adapted for/on ganache.  

Kindly note that this class does not include covering a cake and all techniques will be practised on an iced cake card supplied by Strawberry Sky.

If you prefer, you can (at your own expense) bring a cake or two to decorate but please note that any cakes bought to this class must be pre-covered at least 24 hours before to ensure the icing is set.

9am to 4pm approx


Sorry this class has sold out.

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