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Saturday 6th October 2018
9am to 4pm

Wednesday 17th October 2018
9am to 4pm approx (5 Places Left)

This one day course is a great starting point for all newcomers to cake decorating. You will need to bring your own 6" round (15cm) cake (recipe supplied) and you will be shown how to level your cake and apply a crumb coat with ganache. After that, you will cover your cake with fondant icing to create a smooth, professional finish. In addition to this you will learn the quilting technique and how to cut/paint a flat design for the top of your cake, together with using some simple cutters and moulds.

Note: If you do not have a 6" tin then please contact me for recommended local suppliers where you can purchase or hire tins. A supplement of $10 will be charged if you arrive at the class with a cake that is substantially larger than the recipe provided and this is to accommodate the additional icing, ganache and larger board that will be required.

9am to 4pm approx


Sorry this class has sold out.


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