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Wellington's 150th Birthday
www.stuff.co.nz July 2015

Strawberry Sky has landed the dream gig.

A few weeks ago, a call came out of the blue from Jon Baxter of Perceptual Engineering, asking us is we could design an iconic birthday cake in the shape of Wellington's Parliament building which would be part of a 3D lightshow celebrating Wellington's 150th Anniversary.

I think even before Jon had finished explaining the brief, the research had started into Perceptual Engineering's previous projects, Wellington's historic buildings and their 150 year celebrations.

After a week or so the concept was agreed with Jon 'the 3D lightshow genius" and the design and construction was in full swing.

Delivery was made into Jon's studio and it was like walking into Alice's hi-tec wonderland - blackened walls, projection screens, computer monitors, amazing lighting and Jon bouncing around very excited that the cake had made it in one piece.

Emma and I were then treated to a private screening of a couple of chapters of this amazing 3D lightshow and all we could do was stand in front of these amazing images awe struck.

We said our goodbyes and rushed back to book our flights to Wellington to be part of our capital's 150th Birthday Celebrations and cant wait to see the premier screening on the 24th July.


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Hitch'd Wedding Fair
www.hitchdweddingfair.com April 2015

Hitch’d is an exciting new initiative in wedding planning. We have hand picked the very best wedding professionals in Auckland so you can plan your wedding in just one day!

The fair is held in the gorgeous Sapphire Room at Ponsonby Central in Auckland  on the 16th and 17th of May 2015 and gives you access to the most creative, talented and innovative wedding planning ideas all under one roof.

If you want the most beautiful wedding day imaginable then come and be inspired! hitch’d wedding fair is held twice a year in May and again in October, bring your friends and family, enjoy the fair and make a day of it with the beautiful surroundings that Ponsonby Central has to offer.

Strawberry Sky are very excited about meeting lots of lovely couples, there will be a selection of our cakes to sample and lots of advice to create you dream wedding cake.

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The Sweetest Thing
www.xynz.co.nz July 2014

Much to my dismay I’ve never been much of a visually creative person. I often catch myself staring at pieces of art solving the complex structure and materials used to reach the final product, though if I’m being brutally honest, visual art has never really clutched my interest as a hobby. That is, until I dabbled in cake creations.

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And the winner is - Strawberry Sky Cakes
www.newzealandweddings.co.nz September 2013

Nine fashion designers, eight cake creators, and thousands of admiring eyes all weekend long – our inaugural Icing on the Cake exhibition at New Zealand Fashion Weekend was an intoxicating feast for all the senses.

Each fashion designer collaborated with a cake designer to form a creation that reflected their essence and individuality, all while showcasing the cake designer’s spectacular abilities. Over the weekend, members of the public cast votes for their favourite creation.

The winning cake? Strawberry Sky Cake's collaboration with fashion powerhouse Trelise Cooper – well and truly a match made in wedding-cake heaven.

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Roseanne & Brett’s Love Story... A modern day fairytale
www.myweddingmag.co.nz April 2012

Brett and I met ten years ago in my home town of Toowoomba, Queensland. Our eyes met and there was an instant connection, and very much love at first sight. Words can’t really express the feeling, but it’s like you already know each other; being apart even for a small time doesn’t feel right.

Three months later I moved to Brisbane and we have been together ever since. With Brett’s rugby league career, we moved to Sydney after living in Brisbane for three years. Then, when Brett signed with the Warriors in 2009, we moved to New Zealand.

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